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It’s very easy to stereotype inactive people. A lot of people want to be active, but aren’t because of normal life changes like a new job, baby or moving home. Life often gets in the way.

The most important aspect of this Magazine is the impact it could have on the health of the nation. It could engage people to take part in outdoor activity, including people who might never go to the gym or walk on a football pitch but who will happily go to the park or walk up a mountain.

Jennie Price

Former CEO, Sport England

The OIA is delighted to be working with Target Publishing to launch Getting Active Outdoors magazine, an initiative designed to support the OIA’s vision of getting more people active outdoors. This is in line with current Government health and sport policy and our work with both Sport England and Public Health England. The nation needs to get active and we are certain that this magazine will really help inspire a new generation of healthy outdoor enthusiasts!

Andrew Denton

CEO, Outdoor Industries Association

Through our portfolio of 22 titles, we have been committed to improving the nation’s health since our inception in 2000. By working in collaboration with the OIA, we are delighted to extend that commitment by publishing a title that will not only change the lives of the nation, but will improve the health and wellbeing of generations to come.

David Cann

Managing Director, Target Publishing

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