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Stay lit up with Ledco

The Ledlenser XEO19R five-in-one Mega Light, as sported by professional freeride mountain bike rider and Ledlenser ambassador, Darren Berrecloth, really is the real deal in versatile lighting.
With the various supplied mounting brackets, the XEO19R can be configured as a helmet light, a handlebar mounted bike light, a headlamp, a handheld torch or an emergency light.
On max power, this stunning light will deliver a whopping 2,000 lumens from two independently focusing lenses that incorporate Ledlenser’s world renowned patented Advanced Focus System optics. This technology enables seamless selection for pinpoint spot beam (distance illumination) or super-wide flood beam (near illumination).
The XEO19R is rechargeable, with the battery pack featuring a handy USB power out point that can charge a mobile or other accessories whilst the light is on.
An extension cord enables the battery pack to be positioned in a backpack, in a pocket or (with the supplied waist clip) on a belt, thus removing the battery weight from the head.
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September 2017 | LEDCO

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Maier Sports – perfect fit promise

Maier Sports believes that for something to work, it needs to fit properly, which is why its NIL and LULAKA trousers come in 61 different (36 men’s and 35 women’s) sizes, so however short or tall you are, whatever shape you are, you can find your ‘perfect fit’.
Ideal for all outdoor activities, from walking the dog to a day on the hills and available in a range of colours, these four-way stretch, award-winning trousers are also quick drying and have UPF 50+ protection.
Last but not least, with over 75 years of manufacturing experience, all Maier Sports items are backed by a five-year warranty.

September 2017 | MAIER

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